Lynn Shumaker, MS ED, ACCG, PCC
ADDCA Certified Coach Graduate

I am a coach who works with ADHD adults and children; I give a free complimentary session for anyone wishing to try coaching. I am an adult woman with several executive function characteristics.

ADHD is a trait not a “You are broken sentence” Although time management, organization, task completion and some paper work can be a challenge but not impossible. ADHD strengths can be such things as emphatic, creative, problem solver, out of the box thinker, and entrepreneur.

Coaching is not about what is wrong with you, but about finding your strengths and discovering together through a phone, Skype or in person conversation, ways that you can meet your challenges, help with overwhelm, accountability and growing forward in your life to be the best person you can be. Discover the joy in living your life with passion!

I trained through the ADD Coach Academy, ADDCA, an amazing group of individuals, who through their own challenges learned more about ADHD and are committed to informing people about ADHD and the power of coaching.

I’d be happy to speak or email with anyone. This is my passion! I am excited to tell anyone how helpful and awesome coaching is! Coaching has brought me farther in my life than any other service such as counseling, although one doesn’t replace the other.

Unfortunately it is not currently covered by insurance. But the commitment I made has been well worth the cost. Move forward in your career, relationships, and success. Happiness has no price. Know that you are worth it!

Relax Your Child Summit 2020
HOW TO CALM AND FOCUS YOUR ADHD BRAIN with Lynn Shumaker from A.D.D. Gifts Coaching
How to recognise the strengths of AHDH brain wiring and learn tips to relax and unleash your gifts.

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